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The collegial Notre-Dame Dalidon



The collegial ‘Notre-Dame Dalidon’, of Roman origin, the Notre-Dame Dalidon Church (from the Latin ‘dolidus’, meaning ‘pain’) underwent major modifications between the 16th and 17th centuries. A college of canons was set up here in 1546, on the orders of the Bishop of Cavaillon, conferring the title of ‘collegial’ on the church. The building comprises a central nave, a choir and six chapels. The lavishly decorated interior contrasts with the austere architecture. Renaissance- and Baroque-style elements can be seen side-by-side with 19th century additions. Restoration has been ongoing on the Notre-Dame Dalidon collegial building since the 1990s, with support from the Oppède Patrimoine Association.

From April to 30 November, the collegial Notre Dame Dalidon is open for visit every weekday from 13h to 17h30 and week-ends/bank holidays from 10h to 18h.

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